Although we have put burpees in to the upperbody category, don’t be fooled. It is one of the best all around full body workouts you can do.

Its complex movement combines all your muscle groups all in one, which makes it one of our favourite full body home exercises. The burpee is a combination of pushups, jump squats, and a high plank which all together makes for a thorough dynamic workout. Your abs, triceps, shoulders, back, quadriceps hamstrings and calves will feel the burn.

Here is how to execute the perfect burpees.

Get into a squat position, but point your knees outwards. Lean forwards and place both your arms on the floor, just inside your feet for balance.  Jump backwards, still with both your hands on the ground (just your legs) to a push up position. Do a push up, and then jump back to the original starting position.
Then jump off of the ground as high as you can and repeat repeat repeat!.

That is how you crush burpees.

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